Monday, 14 August 2017

SEA Games Medal Tally History For Past 5 years

The much-awaited sporting event of the year is back, this time the capital city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur will be hosting the much-awaited event. The stage is set and it's just a few hours for the awesome journey. Over 5000 athletes from 11 participating nations will they try their best to stand in the top 3 positions. Bukit Jalil stadium complex will be the main stage of attraction as the SEA Games 2017 kicks off with a grand opening ceremony held at the national stadium complex. Well, I guess this is the best time to look into the long history of SEA Games. Yes, I'm talking about the SEA Games Medal tally for the past 5 games. Let's see who were the winners, runners up and second runners up for the past 5 medal tables. 

SEA Games Medal Tally - The History You Should Know

Here is the all time medal table of SEA Games, It is clear the picture, that Thailand will be a strong contender for any participating nation. Thailand leads the SEA Games medal table with a total of  374 golds, In the second position we have Singapore with 204 gold and in the second runners up position is Burma/Myanmar.  It is quite evident that Thailand is the strongest team in SEA Games till date, well SEA Games 2017 is another day so possibly there would be another result. The host nation Malaysia is in the fourth position with 199 golds. I believe they can climb the ladder to the second position with this event as the gap between the second runners up and the host nation is of just 5 golds. 
sea games medal tally

All time SEA Games medal tally will have a good shake up towards the end of the event as there is a fierce battle between, Singapore, Myanmar and Thailand for the second, third and fourth position. It takes a quite a time to reach the pole position as there is a lot of margins to cover between the second position and the first position. 

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