Monday, 7 August 2017

Malaysia is all set for SEA Games 2017

It was another day at Kuala Lumpur for our reporters, they were quite overwhelmed about the ongoing preparations of SEA Games 2017 which is in the final phase. With only a fistful of days to go, Malaysia is gearing up to host the 29th edition of South East Asian games from August 19. South East neighbour Malaysia hosted the 28th edition of the sporting event alongside with their 70th anniversary.  5000+ athletes from 11 countries will be competing in the event. Malaysia will also witness the beginning of several new events like Futsal which is slowing gaining popularity all over the world.

Malaysia Gearing up for SEA Games 2017 

"We are almost complete in our preparation," said Amin Nordin in a report by The Star last Tuesday, July 25. "We have prepared about 40 hotels for the event."

According to the official reports, over 4000+ volunteers have been selected for volunteering the 29th edition of the games. The games will be conducted amidst tight security. Please go through our article on SEA Games 2017 Security for knowing about some of the most modern technologies used by the police of Malaysia for tightening the security. 

Bukit Jalil Stadium Complex

The sports complex built exclusively for the games is all set to welcome the 29th edition of the games. The sports complex is considered to have the biggest and most modern equipment and training facilities. Malaysia is believed to start a trend of next generation sporting event through SEA Games. The stadium complex can handle over 87,000 people at a time. It is also believed to be the largest stadium in the entire South East Asia. We in here have already shared the complete venue list of SEA Games 2017. SEA Games 2017 Football which is considered to drive a hell lot of viewers both offline and online will be held at Bukit Jalil stadium complex

If you are a football fan and is eagerly waiting for the tournament to start, please go through the complete schedule of SEA Games 2017 Football. The stadium complex has witnessed some of the major sporting events in the past like 1998 Common Wealth Games, 2007 Asia Cup Soccer and exhibition matches of several legendary football clubs such as Arsenal, Manchester City and United. 

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